ty on Saturday, March 10.The film, which tells the story of four visually impaired kids from China's Tibet Autonomous Region em▓barking on an odyssey for their dreams, will be presented at the Bronx Library Center on Saturday, at Mi▓d-Manhattan Library

on Sunday, at Lehman College ▓and Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan on Tuesda

y, and at the Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday.This screening is part of the 10th Annual ReelAbilities Fi▓lm Festival, the largest festival of its kind promoting awareness and inclusion through the storie

ning Chinese film abou

s and artistic expressions of▓ people with different abilities.Based on a true story, Bal

lad from Tibet is about the four T▓ibetan kids -- Thupten, Sonam, Kelsang and Droma -- achieving their dreams against all odds.Thupten is a 10-year-old boy

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